Our Estate Development Budget (EDB) provides money for ideas that can make a positive difference to your neighbourhood.

The EDB fund is set each year by councillors as part of our annual budget. Last year, we had £320,000 to fund community projects. We anticipate the same funding for 2021/22. This will be confirmed as part of the annual budget.

The Estate Development Budget is split between the four areas of the city (Central, North, East, West). The amount each area receives is based on the number of council houses in that area.
You can make a bid as a residents association or as a group of council residents.

Types of bid

There are two types of EDB bids:

  • quick bids for smaller projects up to the value of £1,000
  • main bids for bigger projects up to the value of £10,000

Quick bids can be made at any time of the year. Main bids can be made from 10 June 2020 to 31st October 2020.

Your association or group can make up to 3 main bids and 5 quick bids in one financial year.