Ask for a repair to your council home

Ask us to repair your council home if it's been damaged.

We still have a backlog of work due to the ongoing impact of COVID-19. We’re working to catch-up but there is still a delay to all routine repairs. If you have an emergency repair, we will confirm your appointment. For routine repairs, we will raise an order and our trade team will contact you when they are able to schedule the work. We’re very sorry for any delays and thank you for your patience.

We are prioritising repairs according to urgency, that have a significant impact on residents or are likely to cause further damage to properties.

We’re recruiting more staff to help us catch up. It’s likely to be a few months before we’re back on track, so please bear with us.

If your repair is not an emergency, please use our online repairs reporting form. We’ll advise you of the job number and will contact you to arrange your repair as soon as we can. If your repair becomes more urgent, please call us and we will update your repair priority.

If your repair is an emergency, please call us on 0800 052 6140. This number is available for emergency repairs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  

Request a repair

Before you ask us for a repair, make sure who's responsible as there are some repairs you'll need to carry out yourself.

You can request a repair online or, if your council home needs an emergency repair, call us on 0800 052 6140.

If the repair is for a suspected gas leak, please call the National Grid on 0800 111 999.

Repairs, maintenance and improvement services for council housing are now run directly by the council. Download our quick guide to the new repairs and maintenance service.

How long does a repair take?

When you ask us for a repair, the time it takes for us to start the work depends on the type of repair.

We'll decide if your repair is:

  • emergency, which we'll start within 24 hours
  • routine, which we'll start within 20 workings days
  • complex, which will take longer than 20 days to complete

You can read more about types of repairs in our housing repairs handbook.

Give us feedback

You can use our feedback form to tell us what you thought about our service when repairing your council home.

We'll use this to improve our service in the future.