Bring your empty property back into use

If you own an empty property and are not sure what to do with it, here are some of the options available to you.

Find out how to reuse your property

Increasing housing supply and housing quality is a priority for Brighton & Hove City Council. We have a range of powers that we can use to make sure that empty properties are reused

Find out what you can do to bring your empty property back into use, and how we can help you.

Let your property through the council

We can help you find tenants to rent your property.

Let your property privately

You could use a managing agent or become a private landlord and let your property out yourself.

For more information and advice about letting your property out contact:

Let your property to students

Both universities in Brighton & Hove can help you let your property to students.

For more information contact:

Turn your property into a holiday let

You could rent your property out as a holiday let. If you let it for 140 days or more a year, you will pay National Non Domestic Rates (business rates) instead of Council Tax which can save you money. 

Email us at 

Let to a housing co-operative

A housing co-operative is a group of people who manage and control the housing they live in. Co-operatives are often made up of a group of people with a variety ages and skills. This provides a balanced community group within a property. Usually the co-operative takes on the responsibility for:

  • collecting rent from tenants
  • paying rent to the owner
  • upkeep and maintenance of the property.

Find out more about co-operative housing in Brighton & Hove by visiting their website or email

Sell your property

You can find an estate agent to sell your property or search for a property auction.

We have a list of investors in Brighton & Hove who buy and develop empty properties. If you'd like us to tell them that your empty property is for sale, send an email to

Sell your property through our Home Purchase Policy

If you own a property that used to be owned by the council, you can check if you're eligible to sell your property back to the council.

Refurbish the property for your own use or to let

If you own your property and want to refurbish it and let it, you can:

The YMCA currently have funding to refurbish empty properties. This is in return for a set length leasing arrangement, with guaranteed rents. For more information, send an email to or phone 01273 222 558.

What happens if you don't bring your empty property back into use

Find out how we make sure empty properties are reused.