Carry out work on your home

Make sure you're following building rules and check if you need planning permission before starting work on your home

Building regulations

Nearly all building work will involve our Building Control team when you make a change to your home, even if you don't need planning permission.

Building control makes sure your work is carried out safely and in line with our building regulations (PDF 1.2MB).

Always contact us before starting work on your home by:

When you need planning permission

You normally need to apply for planning permission when you're doing work that will affect how a building or area is used, or how it looks.

For example, you need permission if you want to:

  • build a new property or an extension
  • change what an existing building is used for
  • build a new property that will change what the land is used for
  • put up signs or advertisements
  • change a property in a conservation area
  • change a listed building
If you carry out work without planning permission, you may have to make expensive changes or return the property to its original state.