How we deal with anti-social behaviour in council housing

We aim to make sure residents feel safe and secure in their homes and do not suffer from anti-social behaviour, nuisance, or harassment. 

How we deal with anti-social behaviour (ASB)

ASB describes problems which can cause nuisance, annoyance, harassment, alarm or distress to other people. A council tenant committing ASB is putting their tenancy at risk. 

We take steps to prevent ASB happening. Where it does happen, we aim to take fast and effective action to find a resolution. 

We focus on reducing the harm caused to victims and communities. We'll also support the perpetrator if they have vulnerabilities that cause, or contribute to the situation.

We work with other organisations, victims, witnesses and members of the community. This helps us make Brighton & Hove a safe place to live, work and visit.

Read our tenancy management ASB policy which includes examples of anti-social behaviour.

How to report ASB 

Council tenants, council leaseholders and tenants of leaseholders should report ASB and hate incidents to Housing Customer Services: 

What we do following an ASB report

We keep in regular contact with victims and witnesses throughout the investigation. We'll make sure they understand what action we're taking and why. 

Examples of how we support victims based on their individual circumstances include:

  • providing a single point of contact, usually a Housing Officer if they're a council tenant
  • referring or signposting to other organisations for support such as Victim Support or Rise
  • visits to court before a trial
  • advice and support through any legal hearings
  • advice about additional security measures, where appropriate

Some examples of action we may take to help stop ASB are: 

  • warning letters or meetings  
  • mediation 
  • Acceptable Behaviour Contracts

When we may take legal action

If there's breach of tenancy, we may take legal action. The Housing Officer in consultation with our legal team and statutory partners will decide whether to take legal action and what action is appropriate. They will base this decision on the facts of each case.

Legal action we can take may include:  

  • extending or ending an introductory tenancy 
  • possession (eviction) proceedings  
  • injunction 
  • closure of a property  
  • Community Protection Notice  
  • Criminal Behaviour Order

View our flowchart of the possible stages when we deal with ASB in Brighton & Hove council housing.