Lift replacement programme - keeping you updated

Find out about the work we're doing to modernise or replace our lifts across the city.

Since 2011 we've invested in modernising or replacing 67 lifts on housing sites across the city.

We're modernising or replacing lifts because:

  • a number of lifts in the city are old and are unreliable, expensive and difficult to maintain - modernising or replacing lifts should mean fewer breakdowns and a more reliable service for residents 
  • compared to the older lift stock, the new lifts will be faster, smoother and more environmentally friendly in line with the council's goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2030
  • where existing building conditions allow, all new lifts will be big enough to fit most mobility scooters making them more accessible

Lifts planned for replacement or major modernisation during 2022 to 2023

  • Hazelholt, Portslade
  • Manoj House, 29c Hartington Road 
  • Philip Court, Hove - 2 lifts

Lift replacement or modernisation works for 2022 onwards are subject to ongoing review. We will show these works on this page when up to date condition surveys on lifts have been carried out and reviewed.

Completed work

Since 2011, we’ve completed replacement or major modernisation works on 71 lifts across the city, in the following properties:

  • Essex Place, Tyson Place and St John’s Mount
  • Courtlands, Ecclesden, Highleigh, Normanhurst, Richmond Heights, Saxonbury and Thornsdale, Albion Hill 
  • Viscaria - 61 to 107 Donald Hall Road, Hazel - 1 to 24 Turton Close, Jasmine - 2 to 48 Donald Hall Road, Bristol Estate 
  • Sanders House, Portslade, Leach Court blocks 1, 2 and 3 in Kemptown 
  • Theobald House, Central, Hereford Court, Kemptown Nettleton Court, Hollingdean 
  • Dudeney Lodge, Hollingdean, Philip Court, Hove, Highcroft Lodge, Prestonville, Wiltshire House, St James House, Kemptown 
  • Falcon Court, Swallow Court, Kestral Court, Kingfisher Court and Heron Court, Whitehawk
  • Cherry - 13 to 59 Bowring Way, Calendula - 109 to 155 Donald Hall Road, Sorrel - 1 to 47 Chadborn Close, Bristol Estate 
  • Barclay House, Johnson Bank and Napier House, Wellington Road Estate 
  • Labumum Grove, Elizabeth Court 
  • Meadowsweet, 74 to 120 Donald Hall Road, Bristol Estate 
  • Allamanda, 146 to 192 Donald Hall Road, Bristol Estate 
  • Muriel House, Ingram Crescent West, Bristol Estate 
  • Construction of a new lift shaft and installation of a larger capacity lift at Elwyn Jones Court, Patcham 
  • Linfield Court, Hollingdean 
  • Sloane Court, Kemptown 
  • Jubilee Court, Moulscoomb 
  • Lavender House, Kemptown 

How the lift service will be affected while the work is carried out

The inside of a lift shaft

Where there are two lifts in a building, we will replace them one at a time. This is so one lift will still be in service throughout the work. Where the old lift serves alternate floors, some floors will not be served until we have replaced the first lift.

We apologise for any inconvenience and recognise this will cause hardship for residents who cannot walk up or down one flight of stairs. Members of our project management team, Housing Officers and Seniors Housing Scheme Managers are available to help out where they can. 

If you or someone you know, needs help send an email to

New lift

How long the work will take

This depends on how many floors and how many lifts your block has.

The average time for the whole replacement of two lifts in a 12 storey building is about 40 weeks.

Prior to replacement/modernisation works a meeting will be held with residents. We will let you know how long it is expected to take at the meeting and via regular updates.

Noise and mess

Lift installation works are construction projects which will cause unavoidable noise. Residents will be consulted on any noisy phase of works with works being carried out during normal working hours. The engineers will do this as quickly and efficiently as they can to minimise the disruption and impact on residents.

There will also be dust and debris generated by the works but our contractors are very aware of the need to keep the site safe, clean and tidy.

What happens if the only lift in service breaks down

We'll treat it as an emergency and make every effort to restore the service as soon as possible. Housing officers and Seniors Housing Scheme Managers will be available to assist anyone needing help.

There will be engineers on site, doing the replacement works on the new lift and they will attend to the breakdown immediately.

As we take out the old lifts we are saving any useful spare parts. This puts us in a better position to repair the existing old stock and helps to reduce the time spent on waiting for replacement parts to be ordered.

Where to find out more

If you have any other questions, you can raise them at the first meeting for your block, which will happen before the lift work starts.

You can also send an email to the Housing Investment and Asset Management Team at’.