Resident groups

Find out how to join or start a local resident group in your area. Get involved in improving services.

What a resident group is

Residents come together to discuss common issues around housing and their neighbourhood. They help to create a sense of community.

Activities include:

  • keeping in touch and sharing information with local residents
  • sharing the views of your area, street or block to the council 
  • bidding for funding to help make your area a better place to live
  • developing or improving communal spaces
  • organising social events to help bring residents together

View our local residents group poster.

Get involved

Starting a local group on your street or in your block can help to provide a collective voice for residents to suggest changes or improvements to the council about the area or neighbourhood.

The Community Engagement Team supports resident groups with information and advice, problem solving, training, and signposting to council funding opportunities to help improve communities.

Contact your area based community engagement officer to find out if there is already a residents group in your neighbourhood that you could support, or for help to get one started.

Have a say in improving services

The council also offers the opportunity for council residents to join council supported Resident Involvement Groups. These mixed groups of council tenants, leaseholders and council officers look at improving how council housing services are run.

You can share opinions and use common interests to set your own targets at each meeting.

Types of resident involvement group include:

  • Senior Housing Action - for council residents who live in seniors housing or other supported accommodation
  • Leaseholder Action Group for council leaseholders
  • Tenant Disability Network - for all tenants who have disabilities
  • Home - for services that affect homes and buildings
  • Involvement and Empowerment - to help residents get involved and express their views
  • Citywide Conference - if you're a council resident, you can ask councillors and managers about housing issues in Brighton & Hove at our Citywide Conference

Join a Resident Involvement group

For more information

You can view our community engagement meetings diary to find out when each group meets.

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