Fire safety in council flats

Find out how we make our blocks of flats resistant to fire, and what to do if there's a fire in your building

What to do if there's a fire

If the fire is in your flat you should get, stay out and call the fire service on 999.

If there fire is somewhere else in the building you can normally stay in your flat with the doors and windows closed, unless heat or smoke is affecting you.

The fire service will tell you if you need to leave the building.

You can find more information in our guide for fire safety in flats (PDF 121KB)

How we make our buildings safe

All our blocks of flats are built to be resistant to fire, so living above the first floor doesn't put you at greater risk from fire.

We make sure our buildings are safe by:

  • having walls, ceilings and doors that can hold back flames and smoke
  • making regular safety checks
  • carrying out any extra fire safety work needed

You can view the latest fire risk assessments for each of our high rise blocks.

If you think anyone you live with may have trouble leaving your building if there's a fire, you can call us on 01273 293 030 for help.