Preparing your Estate Development Budget bid

Involve your neighbours

It's important to involve as many of your neighbours as possible when making a bid.

You should:

  • make sure residents affected by your ideas support them
  • agree with residents which ideas should be sent to us as part of your bid
  • decide which ideas are the most important if you're sending us more than one

You need to make sure that any discussions and agreements are recorded and included in your application. 

Get support with your bid

Please contact the council’s Community Engagement team if you need help or advice with your bid. For example, residents might know the type of improvement they would like to make, but do not know how to do it. Our team can support you with this.

We can send you a printed application form if you don’t have access to a computer. You can contact us by:

Leaseholder contributions towards the cost of work

The cost of Estate Development Budget work could be passed on to leaseholders in their service charge if their building is part of the project bid. However:

  • leaseholders contribute only to costs incurred at their building
  • leaseholders will only incur costs if their lease allows for the charge
  • the law says that the costs must be reasonably incurred

This means that works to keep the building in repair like flooring, painting or improvements like exterior lighting are normally passed on, but works to improve community facilities or the local environment are not. For more information contact the Leasehold Team on 01273 293 074. They can give general advice on leaseholder charges before a bid is placed.