Council leaseholders

Find out what your responsibilities are as a council leaseholder, and how to contact us about your lease

Council leaseholders

You're a leaseholder if you've bought your council home through Right to Buy or from a previous owner.

You'll have a legal agreement with us called a lease.

This means you legally own your home, but we still own and manage the building, for example the block your flat is in.

Your lease explains:

  • your rights as the leaseholder
  • which parts of the building have been sold to you
  • how much ground rent you have to pay and when
  • how service charges are calculated and when you should pay them
  • which repairs you're responsible for and how other repairs are paid for

You can download our leaseholder handbook for more about being a council leaseholder.

Update your details

As a leaseholder, you need to tell us if:

  • you sub-let your property to anyone else
  • any of your contact details change

If you sub-let, you also need to make sure your tenants follow the rules of your lease.

You can use our form to update your leaseholder details.

Contact us about a lease

You can send us a message by:

  • email at
  • phone on 01273 293 074
  • post to Brighton & Hove City Council, Leasehold team, Housing Centre, Unit 1 Fairway Trading Estate, Eastergate Road, BN2 4QE