Apply for a parking space or garage

Find your nearest council car park or garage and apply for a space

Who can apply

Anyone can apply for a council parking space or garage, providing they are the registered keeper of the vehicle or the named holder of a mobility vehicle but we provide spaces in the following priority:

  1. Blue Badge holders
  2. Council tenants and resident council leaseholders
  3. Private residents

You can't apply for a parking space or garage:

  • for commercial purposes
  • to store anything other than a vehicle
  • if you're in council housing arrears, such as rent

Terms and conditions

By applying for a parking space or garage you agree to our terms and conditions.

If you do not comply with these terms and conditions, it could result in your vehicle being issued with a Parking Charge Notice. It is important that you read these completely before you submit an application.

Find and apply for a space

You can use our council car parks and garages map to:

  • find the nearest spaces to you
  • check how many spaces are available at each car park or garage
  • check how much each space costs
  • apply for a space

If your application is successful, you'll get a licence for your parking space or garage.

Ending your licence

You can download a termination form (PDF 25KB) to end your parking space or garage licence.

Email your completed form to us at

You need to give us 7 days' notice, with the end date being a Monday. This means the last day of your licence will be the Monday following these 7 days.