Apply to keep a pet in your council home

You can ask to keep a pet in your council home if you can look after it and make sure it won't be a nuisance to other tenants

Rules for keeping a pet

You should read our list of rules for keeping a pet in your council home before you apply.

If you don't follow these rules, you may lose permission for your pet and your council tenancy.

  1. You should have your pet neutered as we don't allow pet breeding in our properties.
  2. You should consider adopting from a rescue society if you haven't chosen your pet yet.
  3. You have to microchip your pet if it's a dog. We also recommend microchipping your pet if it's a cat.
  4. If you have a dog, you have to put it on lead before you leave your home and make sure it doesn't get out if you have a private garden or shared hallway.
  5. You have to follow all animal care and control laws. For example if you have a dog, you need to pick up their poo immediately and keep control of them at all times.
  6. You have to feed and exercise your pet and take it to the vet when needed.
  7. You have to make sure your pet isn't a nuisance to other tenants. For example barking or making other noise for long periods of time.
  8. You should get pet insurance to help with the cost of emergencies.
  9. You need to give us the name and address of someone who can take care of your pet if you can't. We also need your vet's details.

How to apply

After you've made sure you can follow these rules, you can apply to keep a pet online.