Energy Performance Certificates and Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards

Find out what landlords must do to comply with energy efficiency standards in their rented properties.

Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs)

An EPC is a certificate that shows how energy efficient a property is. 

They are issued by a qualified EPC assessor and the EPC gives a rating from A (very efficient) to G (inefficient). Any properties that are rented or sold need to have one.  

Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES)

Minimum energy efficiency standards (MEES) were introduced by the government to improve the quality and increase the energy efficiency of privately rented houses and buildings.  

The current MEES regulations are:

  • landlords must ensure that their properties have at least an E rated Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), whether it is a new or ongoing tenancy
  • landlords that fail to make improvements and are not exempt from MEES, risk a financial penalty of up to £5,000 per breach and per property

The government have recently consulted on changes to the minimum energy efficiency standards in the private rented sector. One of the proposals is to increase the minimum EPC rating to C on new tenancies by 2025 and all tenancies by 2028.

Read the government consultation on improving the energy performance of privately rented homes 

MEES guidance for landlords

If you are a private landlord, you can find out what MEES means for your property in the government guide to Domestic private rented property: minimum energy efficiency standard - landlord guidance.

This guide includes advice on:

  • if your property is covered by the regulations
  • how to improve your property's EPC rating to E
  • what funding is available to you
  • what qualifies as an exemption and how to register your exemption
  • how we enforce standards and penalties

you can find further advice at:

Advice for tenants

If you are a tenant in a private property and you think your home doesn't meet MEES, you can find out about your rights to energy efficiency improvements.

You can also find out how to be energy efficient at home.

If you need to talk to someone about a problem in your home, you can contact us about your private rented housing or contact Citizens Advice Brighton & Hove