Abnormal Loads

Haulage companies have an obligation under the Motor Vehicles (Authorisation of Special Types) General Order 1979, to give advance notice to the council, as the Highway Authority, of any vehicle with a weight exceeding 40 tonnes travelling through Brighton & Hove. They also need to indemnify the council against any damage that may result from the passage of their abnormal loaded vehicle.

Notification by the haulier should be faxed to our offices on fax number 01273 292089, during normal office hours. The information should include the load's origin, destination and proposed route. Full details of the type of vehicle and load (if appropriate) should be supplied including length, width, height, axle loading and spacings.

The proposed route will be checked by ourselves for problem areas, such as low or weak bridges, narrow streets or major roadworks. It may also be necessary to arrange the temporary removal of street furniture including street lights or bollards. Any revisions to a route would be faxed back to the haulier.

Loads in excess of 80 tonnes, or 18.3 metres long, or 2.9 metres wide, or which have an overhang of more than 3.05 metres to the front or rear, must be notified to Sussex Police on fax number 01273 404566. Loads over 3.65 metres wide will be escorted by the Police. Loads over 150 tonnes should be notified to the Department of Transport as a route authorisation will be required from them before movement.

Street furniture

If street furniture is required to be moved to allow passage of a particularly long and/or wide vehicle, this will be arranged by ourselves, and recharged back to the haulier.

Sussex Police

If you have any queries in regard to the Police escorting of abnormal loads, please contact Sussex Police on 01243 520524.

Contact details

If you have any queries concerning abnormal loads, please contact our office on 01273 293366