We have secured almost £200,000 in government funding to continue our work to encourage active travel and provide better walking, wheeling and cycling infrastructure for people in Brighton & Hove.

This will help people save money on transport, improve health and reduce their carbon footprints. 

Over the next 12 months, the money will be used to support various projects in the city. 

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Move for Change – Powered by Betterpoints

People in Brighton & Hove can now get rewards when they choose active and sustainable travel. 

The ‘Move for Change’ initiative, powered by the BetterPoints app, launched in 2020 to encourage and reward residents and employees for walking, cycling, and using public transport. 

When you sign up to the Move for Change challenge on the Betterpoints app, you can collect points which can be exchanged for discounts and vouchers at local shops or donate them to charity. 

When you use the app, you can also earn or win BetterPoints or BetterTickets (for monthly online raffle prizes), when you take part in surveys and competitions. 

2 people walking along Brighton seafront with the Better Points logo at the bottom.

Sign up and get started   

Kick off your rewards to earn 250 BetterPoints. Answer some short questions about your activity levels and travel habits. This will unlock your rewards.  

Download the app

Active Travel  

Earn 10 BetterPoints up to 2 times a day by walking, wheeling, cycling or running in Brighton & Hove.  

Sustainable Travel  

Earn 10 BetterPoints up to 2 times a day by taking the bus or train for journeys over 1/2 mile in Brighton & Hove.  

Daily Prize Draw - Win 1,000 BetterPoints  

Earn 10 BetterTickets (up to 4 times a day) into the draw for every active or sustainable travel journey over 1/2 mile in Brighton & Hove. Every day we are giving away 1,000 BetterPoints.  

Plus, if you use a designated walking zone or cycle route, you can earn an extra 10 BetterTickets into the draw.  

Ditch the Car Star Survey - Win 5,000 BetterPoints  

Share your active and sustainable travel story by completing our short survey. If selected, you could win 5,000 BetterPoints.  

Refer a Friend...and unlock Ambassador Rewards  

Refer a friend, family member or colleague to Move for Change to earn 100 BetterPoints and unlock the Ambassador Rewards. You can refer a maximum of 5 friends to earn 500 BetterPoints.  

Ambassador Weekly Prize Draw - Win 1,000 BetterPoints  

Earn 10 BetterTickets (up to 4 times a day) into the draw for every active or sustainable travel journey over 1/2 mile in Brighton & Hove. Every week we are giving away 5 lots of 1,000 BetterPoints.  

Park Active  

Earn 20 BetterPoints for your onward active or sustainable journey from a Park Active Car Park.  

Get active  

Earn 20 BetterPoints for your gym, swim or exercise class at Freedom Leisure sites in Brighton & Hove. Scan-in up to 10 times per month to earn your reward.  

Monthly Prize Draw - Win 1-month Freedom Leisure membership  

Earn 1 BetterTicket (up to two times a day) into the draw for every active or sustainable travel journey over 1/2 mile in Brighton & Hove. Every month we are giving away a 1-month Freedom Leisure membership.  

See a list of participating businesses and charitable organisations. 

Brighton & Hove Walking festival 

Brighton & Hove first Walking Festival will take place between 24 June and 9 July. 

Brighton & Hove has so much to offer. The Walking Festival is the perfect opportunity to explore or rediscover the city and its surroundings. 

This two-week event offers free led walks across the city for everyone, regardless of fitness and ability.  

The legs and feet of two people walking on Hove seafront.

If you like historical tours, nature walks, creative or mindful experiences or you just want to start moving again, meet new people and get out and about, there’s something for you. 

Some walks will need to be booked in advance. 

We’d like to thank all the walking groups, charities and Brighton & Hove City Council officers supporting the festival. 

eCargo bikes accelerator project  

Thanks to funding from our Carbon Neutral Fund, we're supporting some local businesses and organisations buy eCargo bikes. 

We also have a subsidy to encourage local businesses and organisations to switch to a third-party electric cargo (eCargo) bike delivery service  for delivery of goods and services.  

Find more information on our eCargo bike accelerator webpage.  

Person riding an e-cargo bike in the city.

eCargo bike events 

To promote this project some eCargo bike events will be held in town at selected locations throughout the year. We'll update this page when we have more information. 

Business owners and office staff can find out more at these events and some eCargo bikes will be made available to see and potentially try. Impartial advice on buying the right type of ecargo bike is also available.  

Supporting local businesses 

Companies could be awarded up to £500 for sustainable deliveries to business to business or business to customer.  


Ebike commuter project 

We have procured 9 e-bikes, funded through the Department for Transport’s Capability Fund 2021/2022. These will be loaned to employees at selected workplaces and healthcare settings to use for a 3 month trial period for commuting, journeys to work (such as home visits) and leisure.  

The aim of this project is to encourage and create travel behaviour change, switching people from vehicle use to e-bikes for short journeys (between 0 to 5 miles) 


E-bikes use an electrical assist motor which adds power while the rider is pedalling.  

This enables people to ride for longer and further, while carrying loads.  

Riders get the same health benefits as from conventional bikes because they encourage people to cycle further and more frequently over time.  

E-bikes also give riders confidence on busy roads. 

Monitoring and evaluation 

This project will monitor and evaluate the use of the ebikes using the Department for Transport’s monitoring and evaluation guidance. 

Cycle training 

We offer subsidised cycle training to empower people to travel more actively, be safer cyclists and make better travel choices

Person riding a bike.

Sign up for a course

Book a course

Course dates

Learn to Ride

15 April, 10am to 11.30am 


22 April, 10am to midday 


13 May, 9:30am to 2:30pm 


20 May, 9:30am to 1:30pm 

Learn to Ride

3 June, 10:am to 11:30am 


10 June, 10am to midday 


7 June, 9:30am to 2:30pm 


24 June, 9:30am to 1:30pm 


1 July, 9am to 2:30pm 


8 July,  9:30am to 1:30pm 

School travel  

Road safety  

20mph campaign   

We’re developing a campaign to remind people that 20mph is now the standard urban speed limit in the Brighton & Hove. 

We'll update our Safer streets, better places page when the campaign is ready.

Pedestrian crossing showing green man sign.

Workplace travel 

We’re aware of the impacts that travel and transport have on our city. For this reason, we need workplaces, and organisations to play their part in reducing carbon emissions specifically from the daily commute and business travel.

Find out how to make a Travel Plan.