Traffic regulation orders

A traffic regulation order is a permanent change to the rules of the road. Find information about how we make them.

Why traffic regulation orders are needed

Traffic regulation orders are the legal documents behind the rules of the road. They let us enforce traffic and parking restrictions, including:

  • controlled parking zones
  • yellow lines
  • loading restrictions
  • taxi ranks

You can find copies of our parking traffic orders on the Traffic Penalty Tribunal website. If you want to see an order that isn't on the list, send an email to

Find recently finalised traffic regulation orders.

How traffic regulation orders are made

  1. We advertise proposals for new restrictions in a public notice. You can comment on the proposals during a 21 day period
  2. A committee will consider objections and comments of support 
  3. Committee members decide if the proposals should go ahead as they are, with changes or not at all
  4. If the committee approves the proposals, we seal the traffic regulation order and make the necessary changes to road markings or signs in the city

We receive a lot of requests for parking restrictions each year, so instead of creating a separate order for each request we combine the requests. This means that many changes are included in one order.

We also put together a city-wide order specifically for disabled parking bays.