Road signs

Report a damaged road sign or street name sign and information about tourism signing.

The Highway Code gives examples of the most common signs in normal use. Signs fall into certain groups:

  • regulatory signs - signs with red circles
  • warning signs - mostly triangular
  • directional signs - mostly rectangular. Directional and map type
  • information signs -mostly rectangular

All signs on the highway must be authorised by Brighton & Hove City Council

To report a missing, damaged or illegible sign please fill in our road signs report form. 

You can also report a damaged street name sign and find out about street naming and numbering

Tourism signing

Tourism signing has to be carefully investigated, as there are issues with having too many signs on the highway and also with advertising.

The primary purpose is to safely guide those wishing to visit a tourist destination along the most appropriate route for the latter stages of their journey.

If you wish to apply for Tourist Signing you will need to write in, with details of why signing is required and any publicity material which may assist in the application.

You can also email requests to