Closing a road for an event

How to apply to close a street for a parade or street party.

Events on the street

If you are planning an event on your street you need to get the permission of our Outdoor Events Team.

If your event requires the closure of a road, you must send in your application at least 12 weeks before the event.

Find out more information on road closures for events, including how to apply.

Community street parties and play streets

Please visit our street parties page for more information.

Community parades

A number of community parades are held each year within the city. To ensure the safety of participants, it is often necessary to temporarily close roads to traffic while the parade passes along its route. Such closures require a temporary traffic regulation order and it should be noted that any costs associated with the closure, diversion signing and stewarding will have to be born by the event organisers. An initial application can be made to our Outdoor Events Team.


Brighton & Hove City Council and Sussex Police work in close partnership when considering applications to close roads to general traffic to facilitate events on the Public Highway, with all applications being considered by both agencies.