School Travel

Advice for making the school run simpler and safer.

Watch our 'Five ways to smile on the way to school' animation, highlighting how an active journey to school can help your happiness! The film was made made with the help of pupils from Carlton Hill Primary School, St Andrews CE Primary School and Hove Junior School.

Our priorities are:

  • to encourage families to choose safer, more active and sustainable travel options as an alternative to driving;
  • to reduce road traffic, ease congestion and reduce carbon emissions, especially on routes to schools;
  • to contribute towards the immediate and long-term health and well-being of children and young people;
  • to provide guidance and support to schools which, through updating their School Travel Plan, are actively promoting walking and cycling to school;
  • allocating of Road Safety resources, for example cycle, scooter and child pedestrian training to those schools which, through their School Travel Plan (STP) surveys and associated targets, have highlighted a need for training within their STP.

Information to help you on your school journey

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