White access protection marking for driveways

Find out what the white lines across driveways are, how much we charge for them, and how to apply for one.

What white access protection markings are

An example of white access protection marking next to a driveway

An access protection marking is a white line painted on the road by our specialist lining contractors.

The aim of the access protection marking is to deter motorists from parking across driveways.

The access protection marking extends across the width of an access.

Unlike yellow lines, white access protection markings do not have a legal standing and therefore are only used to highlight where an access point is. This means it is not against the law to park against the white lines. We cannot issue a PCN (Penalty Charge Notice) if someone does.

We can issue a PCN if someone parks against a dropped kerb under the Traffic Management Act 2004 whether there are access protection road markings there or not.

If you're experiencing vehicles overhanging your dropped kerb, this is an enforcement issue. Phone NSL on 0345 603 5469 and choose option 2. They will send an Enforcement Officer out to your location to issue a penalty charge notice if applicable.

Essential criteria to provide access protection marking

We can provide an access protection marking if your driveway has a dropped kerb.

If you share your driveway or crossover, we need the people who share the dropped kerb to agree to it before we can start the process.

If you live within a controlled parking zone or if your area is under consultation to be part of a new controlled parking zone, we're unable to approve any requests for white access protection markings.

Costs for access protection marking

The white access protection marking costs £12 per meter, which equates to the length of the access and an additional 0.5 metres for each end marking.

If the applicant holds a valid Blue Badge, the access protection marking will be installed free of charge.

Apply for access protection marking

Download an application form for access protection marking.

Once we receive your application, relevant checks will be conducted to determine if the site meets the specific requirements.

An Officer will visit to inspect the location within 2 to 4 weeks of receiving an application. If the site meets the criteria, you'll receive an email with:

  • the cost of the work
  • a weblink for the method of payment

Once we receive your payment, a plan will be drawn up and passed to our specialist road lining contractors who will carry out the work. This is normally completed within approximately 6 to 8 weeks, weather dependent.

If you have any questions regarding protection markings, send an email to parkingdesign@brighton-hove.gov.uk.