White access protection marking for driveways

Find out what the white lines across driveways are, how much we charge for them, and how to apply for one.

What white access protection markings are

The white access lines, sometimes known as H-bars or access protection markings, are road markings to deter people parking across driveways. The markings extend across the width of the access.

"Example of the white access lines painted access a driveway"

Unlike yellow lines, white access protection markings have no legal standing and are just used to highlight where an access point is. This means it is not against the law  to park against the white lines, so we cannot issue a PCN (Penalty Charge Notice) if someone does.

We can issue a PCN if someone parks against a dropped kerb under the Traffic Management Act 2004 whether there are road markings there or not.

We can provide this line if your driveway has a dropped kerb. If you share your driveway or crossover, we need the people who share the dropped kerb to agree to it before we can start work.

If your area is considered to be part of a new controlled parking zone, we are unable to approve any new requests for white access protection markings.