How we're improving travel for everyone in a more inclusive and liveable city 

We want Brighton & Hove to continue to be a welcoming place to visit, live and work. We want to provide safe, secure and accessible neighbourhoods with a transport network that works for everyone. 

    Man on a hired Brighton bike, cycling down the seafront cycle lane.

    We need to provide people with the support they need to change their travel habits, where they are able to.

    Only by having an infrastructure which supports active and inclusive travel will we encourage and enable people to:

    • walk and cycle more
    • use our excellent public transport network of buses, trains and taxis

      We're currently working to develop schemes to make walking and cycling around the city easier and safer.

      This will also:

      • improve space for pedestrians
      • make spaces more accessible
      • provide better routes for public transport

      These include improvements to the A23, the A259 and Western Road. 

      By supporting more people to leave their cars at home, we free up space for those who do need to drive, such as:

      • Blue Badge holders
      • tradespeople
      • those who deliver goods to our shops and retailers

      We're determined to set new standards for travel and transport in our city. This will improve everyone's health and quality of life. 

      We'll do this:

      • through innovation and investment
      • by working with our partners and stakeholders
      • through consultation, conversation and engagement with our residents and businesses