The way we travel around Brighton & Hove is changing

We're seeing significant changes to the way people use the city’s streets. More of us are walking and cycling for exercise and to get to work, school and other destinations.

We have a strong instruction, and funding, from central government to make active travel an attractive option for short journeys, or as part of a longer journey.

COVID-19 has played a huge part in this shift towards more active and sustainable travel. The need to move around the city while physically distancing has played an important role in keeping us safe while supporting our economic recovery.

While we continue to face the various challenges of dealing with the pandemic, we are also facing a climate emergency.

We're taking action to help our city now and in the future by reallocating road space for pedestrians and people who walk and cycle. 

Many people that don't cycle say it's because they're concerned about safety. Because of this we've added protected cycle lanes to separate cyclists from other road user.

We want everyone to be able to access safe, sustainable and inclusive travel in Brighton & Hove. 

Man on a hired Brighton bike, cycling down the seafront cycle lane.

Next steps

The council recently held a six-week consultation on existing temporary changes in the city and further temporary and permanent proposals to complement these. Thank you to everyone who had their say. Results are now being analysed and will be presented to the Environment, Transport and Sustainability committee on 21 July for decisions on the way forward.

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