How to find a taxi, complain about a taxi journey or express interest in becoming a taxi driver.

Taxis are available 24 hours a day. There are many taxi ranks in Brighton & Hove.

There are three types of licensed taxis operating in Brighton & Hove

  • Hackney Carriage taxis are white and aqua. These can be found at a taxi rank, hailed from the street or booked.
  • Private hire vehicles, including app based operators, can only be booked and should not stop if you try and hail them.​

All Brighton & Hove private hire and Hackney Carriage drivers in the city operate under the same licences and the same guidelines contained in the Blue Book, whichever company they drive for. Likewise, all drivers undergo the same background checks.

Many taxis are wheelchair accessible and can be booked through local taxi companies. We also have a Hackney Carriage Accessibility Policy (PDF 123KB).

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