Cycle hangars

Find out more about cycle hangers, where they are, and how to apply for a space in one.

About cycle hangars

A cycle hangar is on-street parking for up to 6 bikes that residents can rent a space from. The Hangars are covered, secure and accessible via an easily downloaded app or a lock and key.

The cycle hangars are the size of approximately one parking space, and they can store 6 standard sized bicycles. Some car parking spaces may be repurposed to accommodate the cycle hangars.

They are dark green with reflective strips on the sides for extra visibility.

The stands inside are equipped for you to lock your bike at 2 points in the hanger. The Council or Falco UK Ltd cannot accept responsibility for bicycles stolen from the cycle hangars.

Why we're installing cycle hangars

With many residents living in shared accommodation, flats or houses where storage space is at a premium, it can be difficult to find secure cycle storage. This can be a major barrier to those wishing to travel by bike. Storage can be especially challenging if you use an adapted cycle. People can also face difficulties manoeuvring their cycles from inside their home onto the street outside.

Some cycle hangars installed may have the option of storing large, adapted bicycles or cargo bikes. The below picture is an example of a what the cycle hangars look like.

Cycle hangars in Brighton

Cycle hangar on on street. Hangar has reflective side panel stickers.


Cycle hangar with bikes inside.

How much it costs

There is a charge of around £1 a week per cycle space within the hangars. You can pay for this 3, 6 or 12 months at a time.

Where the cycle hangars are

We had over 500 roads requested as locations for cycle hangars in a survey conducted in November 2021. We scored these against a set criteria. We assessed the highest scoring sites for suitability and installed them first. We chose locations based on:

  • the number of requests in the area
  • availability of current storage
  • propensity to cycle and levels of cycle theft in the area

View a map of the current locations (search for Brighton).

The hangers are installed on the following roads:

Road name Number of hangers
Addison Road 2
Belgrave Street 1
Buckingham Road 2
Buller Road 1
Canning Street/Sutherland 2
Cissbury Road 1
Clermont Terrace 1
Cleveland Road 2
Cobden Rd 2
Coventry Street 2
Cuthbert Road 1
Denmark Villas 1
Dorset Gardens 1
Dyke Road 1
Ewart Street 2
Franklin Street 1
Freshfield Road/Evelyn Terrace 2
Grove Street 1
Hartington Road 1
Hamilton Road  1
Hampden Road 1
Hythe Road 3
Islingword Street 2
John Street 1
Kings Road Hangar 2
Kingsley Road 1
Livingstone Road 2
Lyndhurst Road (Silverdale Road) 1
Montgomery Street 2
Montpelier Road 2
Norfolk Square 1
Norton Road 2
Park Crescent Terrace 1
Queens Park Road 2
Riley Road 2
Scotland Street 1
Seafield Road 2
Shanklin Road 2
Southdown Road/Preston Drove 1
Springfield Road 2
Stanford Avenue 1
Stanley Street 2
St Catherines Terrace 1
The Drive - hangar 2 1
Warleigh Road 2
Whichelo Place 1
Winchester Street 1

How to apply for a space

Anyone can apply for a space in a cycle hangar as long as you live close enough to the cycle hangar and there is availability. 

Once locations are confirmed for installation you can contact Falco UK Ltd to request a space in the hangar:

You can apply for up to 2 spaces per household.

There's a cooling off period so if you change your mind, you will be able to cancel your application.

Read Falco’s terms and conditions. These will also be displayed inside the hangars.

More information

Send an email to