Street lighting

Ask us to fix street lighting in the city, and learn what we're doing to improve.

Improving our street lighting

We are currently preparing for the next phase of the street lighting improvement scheme which is providing energy efficient lighting across the city.

Find out more about street lighting improvements in Brighton & Hove.

If you have an enquiry about this project please contact or call 01273 292517.

Report a faulty street light

You can tell us about faults with street lights or lit traffic signs with our form below or by calling our customer service centre.

​If a street light is damaged it may be dangerous, especially if any wiring can be seen. Don’t cover up or touch the wires but do warn children to keep away. Please tell us straight away so that we can make it safe as quickly as possible.

For help or for further information, please contact the team.

How long does it take to repair a fault?

Our contractors will investigate and assess the light within seven working days of a fault being reported. Most minor faults are repaired at this time. If the fault is more complicated it can take longer - if you need more information about an ongoing repair please contact the team directly.

What we do

There are around 20,000 street lights and 6,000 lit signs and bollards in Brighton & Hove. This includes 4750 cast iron columns and around 250 columns listed by English Heritage.

We try to make sure all our street lighting is kept safe, efficient and reliable. The council is responsible for maintaining the post, lantern, lamp and photocell (which knows when to turn the lamp on and off).

We patrol the city every two weeks in the winter and every four weeks in the summer to check for lights that aren’t turned on. We also rely on residents spotting faults and letting us know.

We design and install new lighting as lamp posts get too old, to help reduce the risk of night-time accidents and improve public safety.

If you want to ask about moving a lamppost, new lighting, or attachments like hanging baskets, please contact the team directly.

Restoring heritage lighting on the seafront

Find out how we're restoring our heritage street lanterns.

Comments and suggestions

Please tell us if you have any suggestions or comments about our service or how it could be improved in our customer experience survey.