The ‘creation of healthier low traffic/pedestrianised communities’ was one of the top recommendations from the city’s Climate Assembly in 2020. The council also declared a climate emergency in 2018 and is aiming to become a carbon neutral city by 2030. 

A road with cars parked on each side with colourfully painted houses

The Liveable Neighbourhood is a pilot project which aims to minimise the amount of ‘through’ traffic in residential areas. Drivers sometimes use these areas as shortcuts in busy periods.

The project aims to reduce this through: 

  • installing ‘filters’ such as bollards and planters 

  • changing traffic flows 

  • the introduction of a ‘bus gate'

The project would maintain access for private vehicles to homes and businesses. There would be priority access for emergency services and public transport. Council services such as waste collection would also have access. By managing traffic movements, it is possible to create safer, more attractive environments for active travel and spaces that residents can use to meet and socialise.

The internal part of the proposed scheme will be experimental. There is the option for further consultation on those measures once they are in place. We can then amend them if needed. Proposed measures on the boundary roads of Elm Grove, Queen’s Park Road and Egremont Place are planned to be permanent.

We engaged with residents over the plans in October 2021 and March and April 2022. We used the feedback we gathered to develop a preferred design. This was then put out to a nine-week public consultation during the summer of 2022. The analysis of the feedback we received, and further technical analysis, is being used to update the design.

We have also carried out further engagement with residents in Elm Grove, Queen’s Park Road and Egremont Place. These roads are on the northern and eastern boundaries of the Liveable Neighbourhood project, and we are now looking at potential improvements that will meet with residents’ priorities.

Update March 2023 

In July 2022 councillors agreed that £2.1 million from our Carbon Neutral Fund would be allocated to the expansion of Liveable Neighbourhoods in Brighton & Hove.

  • £1.1 million to enable the delivery of a comprehensive design for the Hanover and Tarner Liveable Neighbourhood scheme in 2023/2023

  • £1 million to develop and deliver a further scheme in the city in 2023/2024

At Budget Council in February 2023, an amendment to the Budget papers was agreed to reallocate the £1.1 million from the Hanover and Tarner Liveable Neighbourhood Scheme to the refurbishment of public toilets.

At the Policy & Resources committee in March 2023, councillors agreed that £1 million from the Carbon Neutral Fund should be reallocated to, in principle, deliver the Hanover & Tarner Liveable Neighbourhood scheme, subject to further decisions to follow. The decision in full reads:

“in principle to £1 million being used for the Hanover and Tarner Liveable Neighbourhood Scheme that has buy-in from residents, with a clear emphasis on planned road safety improvement measures on Elm Grove, Queens Park Road and Egremont Place, subject to a detailed report back to ETS and P&R committees in the summer to comply with council’s financial procedures.”