How to dispose of business and trade rubbish and recycling

Find out what business waste is. Learn your responsibilities as a business and why you need a Duty of care waste transfer notice.

How to manage your business waste

If you run a business, the recycling and refuse you produce is classified as business waste. This is the case even if you run your business at home. For example, you may run a childminding business or property rental firm from your home.

You also produce business or trade waste if you work as a mobile trader. This includes working as a gardener or running burger vans.

Business waste also includes any waste that comes from:

  • construction
  • demolition
  • industry
  • agriculture

Your responsibility 

You must:

You have extra responsibilities if you’re dealing with hazardous waste.

Read more about your responsibilities and the arrangements you need in place.

Find out about T-zones

We have T-zones in some areas of the city. This means some businesses can only place trade waste bins and/or bags at certain times. Find out how this affects you

Duty of care waste transfer notice

Businesses must hold a duty of care waste transfer notice. This is also known as a duty of care certificate. This shows us that you dispose of waste legally.

If your business is not supplied with a duty of care waste transfer notice from your waste service provider, you might not be registered. If your waste is then dumped or disposed of illegally, you could be held responsible.  

Check the company through the Environment Agency's waste carrier's public register.

Our Environmental Enforcement Team perform regular checks across the city to make sure businesses have their duty of care waste transfer notices. 

If you do not have a legal way of disposing of your waste you could receive a fine. This could lead to prosecution and a criminal record.

Read more about business waste offences in the Environmental Enforcement Framework.