How to use wheelie bins

Where you should put your rubbish or recycling wheelie bins on collection days and what you can put in them

Where and when to put out your wheelie bin

Please make sure you:

  • put your wheelie bin on or by the pavement at the front of your property, less than an arms length from kerb's edge with nothing in the way, by 6am on collection days - crews won't climb walls, open gates or access steps
  • remove your wheelie bin from the pavement after collection
  • store your bins and boxes off-pavement on non-collection days, if you can

What goes in a green wheelie bin

Use your green wheelie bins to dispose of general household rubbish. Please ensure your rubbish is contained within a bag or sack.

Electrical items, clothes and DIY or garden waste, including soil, are not allowed in green bins and could stop us collecting your rubbish.

What goes in a black wheelie bin

Some areas in the city have black wheelie bins for recycling. To find out what goes in these bins please go to How to use your recycling bin or boxes