Recycle food and drinks cartons

Find our carton or Tetra Pak recycling points in the city and how to get cartons ready for recycling.

Never put cartons in your recycling bin at home or your communal and shared bins. They have to be recycled separately.

If you put the wrong things in your recycling it can spoil the rest of the good recycling you're doing.

Cartons and Tetra Paks you can recycle at our carton recycling points include:

  • milk and alternative milk cartons with caps  
  • fruit juice with caps and straws
  • crisp tubes (without lids)
  • dough or pastry cardboard containers with metal ends
  • soup, tomatoes and other food cartons
  • other paper containers with metal ends such as gravy (without lids)

All cartons must be empty, washed and squashed before you take them to a recycling point. 

Map of food and drink carton recycling points

The map shows where you can recycle cartons in the city.

List of food and drink carton recycling points

Brighton Marina

  • actual location: Carpark by Asda supermarket
  • postcode area: BN2

Chalky Road

  • actual location: opposite Portslade Aldridge Community Academy (PACA)
  • postcode area: BN41

Coldean Lane

  • actual location: corner of Park Road
  • postcode area: BN1

Elm Grove

  • actual location: Lewes Road end
  • postcode area: BN2

Freshfield Way

  • actual location: corner of Freshfield Road
  • postcode area: BN2

Hangleton Linkway

  • actual location: Sainsbury's carpark
  • postcode area: BN3

King's Esplanade

  • actual location: south of King Alfred car park
  • postcode area: BN3

Ladies Mile Road

  • actual location: opposite 37 to 45 (parade of shops)
  • postcode area: BN1

Lewes Road

  • actual location: outside 167 to 169 near the corner of St. Martin’s Place
  • postcode area: BN2

Lewes Road

  • actual location: within south end of The Level
  • postcode area: BN1

Marine Drive

  • actual location: Marine Cliffs car park
  • postcode area: BN2

Moulsecoomb Way

  • actual location: Moulsecoomb Leisure Centre car park
  • postcode area: BN2

Nevill Road

  • actual location: corner of Orchard Road (end of private road)
  • postcode area: BN2

Portland Road

  • actual location: outside 189
  • postcode area: BN3

Queen's Park Terrace

  • actual location: corner of Queen's Park Road by the Pepperpot
  • postcode area: BN2

The Ride

  • Actual location: Preston Park north
  • Postcode area: BN1

The Ride

  • actual location: Preston Park south
  • postcode area: BN1

Warren Road

  • actual location: Woodingdean Library car park
  • postcode area: BN2

Western Road

  • actual location: corner of St John's Road
  • postcode area: BN3

Whitecross Street

  • actual location: outside entrance to Trafalgar Street car park
  • postcode area: BN1

Tongdean Lane

  • actual location: corner of Withdean Road (Withdean Sports Complex)
  • postcode area: BN1

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