Get a new bin or box, or report an unused one

Get a new bin or box, ask us for a different size or report an unused or abandoned one.

Get a new bin or box

You can request a new wheelie bin or black box online. When making a request, most properties will get the normal size wheelie bin.

You can also ask for a replacement bin or box if yours has been damaged or lost.

We recommend that you put your property number on your bins to avoid them going missing. 

Ask us for a different size

You can ask us for a bigger bin or box.

Before we can give you a bigger general waste bin, we'll need to find out more about your household. We may also inspect your bins and their contents to see how you manage your waste and recycling. 

Make sure you're recycling correctly. If you aren't sure, check how to use your recycling bins and boxes.

We don't need to find out more about your household when you ask for recycling bins or boxes.

Assisted collections

If you get an assisted collection, you can only have standard sized bins. This is so we can safely collect and return your bin.

You need to check that any doors or access routes are wide enough for bins and boxes.

You must keep your bins and boxes on your property, you cannot store them on the pavement. 

Find out more about assisted collections.

Report an unused bin or box

We encourage residents to report any unused bins or boxes so we can reuse them.

If you have bins or boxes you don’t use, or find a stray bin that you think someone has abandoned, you can report an unused bin or box.

By returning an unused bin or box or reporting a stray bin, you’re helping us keep our streets and highways clear.