Get your household clinical waste collected

Types of clinical waste collection, what can be collected and how to book a collection.

Collection types

Any medical professional caring for you at home should take clinical waste away themselves and dispose of it.

If any waste is left with you by an NHS professional, it must be disposed of properly. Phone the NHS on 01273 242 077 and choose option 2 to arrange a collection.

If you live in Brighton & Hove and produce clinical waste at home without the care of a medical professional, the council is responsible for collecting your waste.

For example, you may use needles or incontinence pads. Phone us on 01273 292 929 if the information in the table applies to you:

Type Bag Description Contact us
Offensive (non-infectious) Tiger bags Incontinence wear/pads and sanitary hygiene waste, catheters if you produce more than 2 bags per week*
Hazardous (infectious waste) Orange bags Human tissues, blood, excretions, swabs and dressings if a hospital or your GP referred you for a collection
Sharps Yellow sharps boxes Needles, syringes in any instance

* We won't collect less than 2 tiger bags. Less than 2 bags of waste can be double bagged and placed in your normal bin but must not have needles or syringes in them.

We won’t collect any clinical waste relating to pets. We advise you speak to your vet.

How to book a council collection

When you phone us, your details will be passed to Medisort, our contractor. They will phone you back within 48 hours to book a collection day.

Once Medisort have agreed your collections, you can contact them on 01903 719 646 or email if you need help.

Collections take place Monday to Wednesday, 7am to 2pm. You can use your own container for clinical waste.

Medisort will replace your bags and sharps boxes at each collection.

Medisort will give you a 5 litre replacement sharps box at your first collection. This means you'll need fewer collections.

Please make sure:

  • your bags are tied
  • you seal and close sharps boxes
  • you do not place infectious or non-infectious waste in your normal bin