Report waste problems caused by a business

Let us know about waste problems caused by a business. This could be a business using household communal bins for its waste, its bins causing an obstruction or not clearing up customer litter.

What businesses should do with waste

By law, businesses are supposed to safely and legally store, remove and dispose of any recycling and refuse they create.

In Brighton & Hove, businesses must make sure that their business waste is stored away from the pavement or road. This is unless it's in a trade waste container, and is secured in canvas bags or in a locked bin. Businesses are also responsible for clearing up litter caused by their customers and employees.

Common examples of waste problems caused by businesses:

  • bins or bags causing an obstruction on the pavement or road
  • bins or bags not being secured and waste littering the pavement or road
  • using residential recycling and refuse schemes, including the communal street bins, recycling boxes and public bins. However, businesses can use communal waste bins if using green Brighton & Hove logo waste sacks
  • not clearing up cigarette butts, drink cups or food litter caused by customers, staff or visitors
  • home-run businesses not getting rid of waste correctly, such as childminders and those hosting Airbnb properties

Businesses must hold a Duty of care waste transfer notice. This shows us they dispose of waste legally.

To report a business that is causing a waste problem, please tell us about the problem online or contact us on 01273 292929.

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