Recycle electrical items

WEEE banks are recycling points where you can take small electrical items, like toasters, kettles and hairdryers.

Ways to recycle your electrical items

The places you can recycle small electrical items are often called WEEE (waste electrical and electronic equipment) banks.

You can download the ZeroNet app from Tech-Takeback to get your electrical items collected from your home. Goods that are working or can be refurbished or upgraded will be donated to charity. Anything that can’t be saved will be dismantled and recycled responsibly.

Find the full list of the items Tech-Takeback collects. These electrical items can also be dropped off at the Revaluit Shop where they can be donated for refurbishment.

You can also recycle electrical items at our Household Waste Recycling Sites and find information on how to dispose of large electrical and household items

Map of recycling points for small electrical items

The map shows where you can recycle clothes, shoes and textiles in the city.

List of recycling points for small electrical items

Location Postcode
Asda Marina, Brighton BN2 5UT
Leybourne Parade, Brighton BN2 4LW
Ladies Mile Road BN1 8TA
Hikers Rest BN1 9GD
Withdean Stadium BN1 5JD