Get help with rubbish and recycling: assisted collections

If you physically can't move your bins or boxes, we may help you take your rubbish or recycling out. Read our guidance on assisted collections.

Assisted collection review

If you’ve received a letter asking if you still need the assisted collection service, please fill out the paper form and return it by prepaid envelope. 

We aren't sending out all of the letters at the same time. You should recieve a letter by 15 June 2023. If you don't, you can:

  • send an email to  
  • phone 01273 292 929 between 9:30am and 1:30pm, Monday to Friday (excluding Bank Holidays)  

Apply for assisted collections

If you don't already receive assisted collections, you can apply by phone or email:

You need to tell us: 

  • your name, address and contact details 
  • the size of your wheelie bins (if you have them). Open the bin to find the size written on the brim of the bin. 
  • the location that you'd like us to collect your bins from  

To apply:

About assisted collections and who can get them

The assisted collections service only helps with regular rubbish and recycling collections.

If you can't put your rubbish or recycling on or by the pavement, and don't have anyone who can do it for you, we could help.

We can't take your rubbish or recycling if you live in a shared block. Instead, contact your managing agent, caretaker or cleaner to help take it to a shared bin. If you live in a council-owned block of flats, send an email to  

Applications can be made on behalf of someone else. 

Where we can collect your bins

Bins must be visible from the road.  

When you apply, you'll be asked where the bin will be collected from. CityClean will then confirm whether this is a suitable location.  

The bin cannot be obstructed, for example, behind a locked gate.  

What size bins you need for this service

CityClean collects bins and boxes of standard sizes or smaller for this service.

These sizes are: 

  • a 140 litre refuse wheelie bin, please bag waste before putting it in this bin
  • a 240 litre recycling wheelie bin, please do NOT bag the recycling before putting it in this bin
  • a 240 litre garden waste wheelie bin, please do NOT bag the recycling before putting it in this bin

Bin size can be found on the brim of the bin, once the bin is open:  

Drawing of an open wheelie bin with an arrow pointing to the brim of the bin,

    How to cancel this service

    If you are receiving assisted collections but no longer need the service, you must inform CityClean as soon as possible.

    You can:

    How long the assisted collection service lasts

    An assisted collection service normally lasts for 12 months. CityClean will then contact you to renew the service.  

    If you only need help temporarily, you can request a shorter length of service.   

    Assisted collections reviews 

    False applications to the scheme may be subject to further review and investigation. 

    Data Protection Notice 

    An application for assisted collections will be retained for one year: each yearly renewal counts as an application and will be stored for one year.   

    Details of residents receiving assisted collections will be retained for 5 years after your last renewal or cancellation.  

    Brighton & Hove City Council reserve the right to discontinue, pause or amend the assisted collections service at its discretion. Any changes to the service will be communicated to you. 

    View our privacy policy

    Garden waste

    You must already have a garden waste subscription to receive assisted collections for garden waste.  

    We review all garden waste assisted collections case-by-case. They are available where CityClean considers it safe to do so. 

    Go to the Garden Waste terms and conditions for more information. 

    If you don't have an active garden waste subscription, you can join the waiting list for garden waste collections

    More information

    For bulky waste removal like a mattress, sofa or white goods, phone 01273 29 07 98.​

    You can report a missed bin or box collection for regular and assisted collections.