Charity rubbish and recycling

As a charity, you may be entitled to free collections or access to our Hove Recycling Site. Find out how to apply.

Recycling and rubbish collections for charities

Charities must apply for our charity collections service.

If accepted for this service, we will advise on how to dispose of your waste.

What we can't collect

We won’t collect:

  • construction and demolition waste
  • house clearance and garden clearance
  • from private schools
  • outside Brighton & Hove

Other waste might not be suitable for collection. We'll tell you this and what to do, after you apply.

Please also check what we won't collect or accept at our recycling sites.

Taking charity waste to a recycling site or tip

If your charity has too much waste for collection, or has waste we can't collect, it can apply for permits for Hove Recycling Site.

Permits are for non-recyclables and must be shown at every visit to the site. The number of permits a charity receives is limited.

One used up, no more permits can be issued for the year, but charities are allowed unlimited trips to dispose of recyclables.