Staff pay and conditions financial information

We publish information about the gender pay gap and how we provide paid time off for union representatives.

We're committed to being as open as possible about our spending. 

This includes publishing information about our senior officers' pay and details of how salaries for all council employees are determined.

Please note that schools based employees fall outside the council’s pay policy and the data provided does not include schools.

Staff pay and benefits

Information about staff pay and benefits, including our pay policy statement, is available on our website and staff intranet.

Senior officers' pay

You can view senior officers' pay.

The ratio between our chief executive's salary and the average (median) earnings of council staff is 5.3 to 1.

This calculation excludes staff based in schools. We make the calculation as set out in the guidance in The Local Government Transparency Code from GOV.UK. 

View our current management structure.

Gender pay gap report

The gender pay gap is defined as the average pay gap between male and female staff in hourly pay. All employers with more than 250 employees must now publish their gender pay gap report annually by 30 March.

2021 report

Our latest report shows that women at Brighton & Hove City Council earn on average 7.9% more than men.

Read our full 2021Gender pay gap report.

2020 report

For 2020 women at Brighton & Hove City Council earn on average 6.1% more than men.

Read our full 2020 Gender pay gap report.

2019 report

For 2019 women at Brighton & Hove City Council earn on average 5.8% more than men.

Read our full 2019 Gender Pay Gap Report (PDF 381KB)

2018 report

For 2018 women at Brighton & Hove City Council earn on average 7% more than men.

Read our full 2018 Gender Pay Gap Report (PDF 388KB) 

2017 report

For 2017, women at Brighton & Hove City Council earned on average 6% more than men. 

You can read our full 2017 Gender Pay Gap Report (PDF 400KB).

Paid time off for union representatives

Brighton & Hove City Council staff are entitled to join a union.

Representatives of the trade unions we recognise are entitled to paid time off to carry out trade union duties, this is known as 'trade union facility time', under the Local Government Transparency Code the council is required to publish the details of Trade Union Facility Time for 2019 to 2020 (PDF 96KB).

Under a separate requirement governed by the Trade Union (Facility Time Publication Requirements) Regulations 2017, we are also required to publish information relating to all claimed Trade Union activity and facility time.

Further information

If you have a payroll query, send an email to