Brighton & Hove’s Electoral Boundary Review

Information about Brighton & Hove's Local Government boundary review

The Local Government Boundary Commission for England is the independent body currently reviewing ward boundaries in Brighton & Hove.

Local Government electoral reviews are conducted to look at whether the boundaries of wards or divisions within a local authority need to be altered.
The review will recommend:

  • the total number of councillors that should be elected to the authority in the future (‘council size’)
  • the boundaries, names and number of councillors to represent each ward

The review process takes around a year and includes at least two phases of public consultation where proposals/comments on ward boundaries will be invited.

The first phase (preliminary period) allowed the council to put forward its case for the total number of councillors that should be elected to the council in the future: the ‘council size’. The Commission is minded to recommend that Brighton & Hove City Council should have 54 councillors in the future. This is no change from the current number of councillors.

The review is now in its initial proposals stage. New boundaries are being proposed for council wards in Brighton & Hove City Council. 

The Local Government Boundary Commission wants to hear what residents and local organisations think about the proposals. A 10-week consultation on the proposals will run until 11 April 2022. 

It is proposing that there should be 54 councillors representing 10 three-councillor wards and 12 two-councillor wards across the city. There will be changes to most ward boundaries.  

Give your views

The commission has a dedicated section on its website where people can see the detail of the proposals and comment on the names of wards, their boundaries and the number of councillors per ward.

You can give your views by email or by posting to the below address:

Review Officer (Brighton & Hove)
PO Box 133
NE24 9FE

Further information

More information on the review process, criteria and rules can be viewed on the Local Government Boundary Review website

The most up to date information on the Local Government Boundary review will be found here: Brighton and Hove | LGBCE Site

Provisional timeline

  • Consultation on warding patterns: 24 August 2021 - 1 November 2021
  • Commission Meeting: Draft Recommendations: 18 January 2022
  • Consultation on Draft Recommendations: 1 February 2022 - 11 April 2022
  • Commission Meeting: Final Recommendations: 21 June 2022