Working for the council: equality and diversity

Find out how we've committed to tackling inequality in employment and how we measure our progress.

Brighton & Hove City Council values individuality in our workforce and aims to make best use of each employee’s skills, talents, abilities and experience.

We're committed to tackling inequality in employment and aspire to achieving a more diverse workforce that reflects the economically active population within Brighton and Hove, and developing a workplace culture in which everyone can thrive and reach their full potential.

As part of its Public Sector Equality Duty, the council carries out regular equalities monitoring in respect of the following aspects of employment:

  • workforce composition
  • recruitment and retention
  • employment casework
  • access to learning and development opportunities
  • employee satisfaction both in relation to current employees via the Annual Staff Survey and those who leave our employment

Workforce equalities report

View our Workforce equalities report 2022 to 2023.

View or download our previous workforce equalities reports. Some of these documents may not be accessible for assistive technology like screen readers. If you need an accessible version, send an email to

For more information about how we promote, support and build equality in the council and the rest of the city please see our Equality and Inclusion Policy.

Equality in recruitment

The council wants recruitment to the organisation to be open and fair to everyone. We encourage all sections of the community to apply for our jobs. Recruitment and selection is based on an objective application and interview process. You will only be judged on how your experience meets the actual requirements of the job. For help and information about applying and interviewing for a job please see help applying for a job at the council.

We ask you to fill in an equalities monitoring form when you apply for a job at the Council. We keep your answers strictly confidential at all times. We will not identify individuals but will use the information for statistical monitoring. This helps us respond to inequality in the workplace and is not a part of the recruitment and selection process.

The council is a Disability Confident Employer which means we are committed to employing people with disabilities and supporting them throughout their employment with us. 

Equality in employment

The council supports and encourages employees to join staff groups. These help employees network, share experiences, raise awareness on discrimination, and have a collective voice about policy, procedures and service delivery.

We're working to improve racial equality in employment by creating information for managers, making sure we have shared values and behaviours and reviewing staff training. This comes from a commissioned independent expert called Global HPO who looked at our policies and processes to see how they affect our Black and Minority Ethnic Staff.