Register to vote

Who can register to vote and how to do it.

You can register to vote if you are:

  • at least 16 years old (but you can't vote until you're 18)
  • from British, Commonwealth, Irish Republic and European Union citizens - List of eligible countries (PDF 89KB)
  • not disqualified from registration

You need to register to vote every time you move.

Special category voters

For example if you live overseas, are a crown servant or in the armed forces, you can register at Register to vote on .GOV.UK

Other ways to register to vote

You can download a paper voter registration form print and complete a form and post or hand deliver to the Electoral Services team.

Get help registering to vote

Outreach workers can support residents who might otherwise find it difficult to register to vote in the normal ways. 

Rolling registration

You can be added to the electoral register throughout the year under the rolling registration process.

Find out when you will be added to the electoral register if you update your details during the year.

A new revised voter's register is usually published on the first working day of each month (except in October and November). 

Please remember

  • If you move house, register to vote at your new address straight away. Register on GOV.UK
  • Students registering to vote can register at more than one address but you can only vote once in any single election
  • Please complete the household enquiry form sent out each autumn. If you don't move, you don't need to register again each year or for each election. 
  • If you don't know if you're already registered, contact the electoral services team to find out

Phone: 01273 291 999

Previously, the head of every household registered everyone who lived at their address to vote. Now, through Individual Electoral Registration, everyone is responsible for registering themselves. Find out more about the changes to the way you register to vote.