Our management and structure

Our executive leadership team is responsible for planning and delivering our services.

Senior officers and directorate management teams

The day-to-day leadership and management of council operations, such as managing council resources, commissioning and providing services, are delegated by councillors to the Executive Leadership Team (ELT).

The team is formed by each executive director and led by the Chief Executive Officer, with other council officers or partners invited to attend when needed.

The Director of HR and Organisational Development and Chief Finance Officer are also permanent members of ELT.

They meet weekly and work closely with stakeholders to:

  • ensure good corporate governance
  • develop corporate strategies
  • implement the council’s policies and priorities

Interim Chief Executive Officer  Will Tuckley

Economy, Environment and Culture Directorate 

Includes managing city infrastructure and assets and supporting sustainable city growth and development.

Executive Director, Economy Environment and Culture - Donna Chisholm

  • Assistant Director of City Development and Regeneration – Max Woodford 
  • Assistant Director of City Environment – Rachel Chasseaud 
  • Assistant Director of City Transport – Mark Prior 
  • Assistant Director of Culture, Tourism and Sport – Chenine Bhathena
  • Assistant Director of Property and Design – Angela Dymott 

Families, Children and Learning Directorate 

Includes children and family services, youth services, disability services and supporting education, schools and skills.  

Executive Director for Families, Children and Learning – Deb Austin 

  • Assistant Director of Children’s Safeguarding and Care – Anna Gianfrancesco  
  • Assistant Director of Health, SEN and Disability Services – Georgina Clarke-Green  
  • Assistant Director of Education and Skills – Jo Lyons 
  • Head of Safeguarding and Performance – Justin Grantham  

Governance, People and Resources Directorate 

Includes corporate services and resources to enable effective front-line delivery of council services and support good governance and performance.  

Executive Director for Governance, People and Resources and Monitoring Officer – Abraham Ghebre-Ghiorghis  

  • Director of Human Resources and Organisational Development – Ali Mcmanamon  
  • Assistant Director of Customer, Modernisation and Performance Insight – Rima Desai 
  • Assistant Director of Legal and Democratic Services – Liz Culbert 
  • Assistant Director of Policy and Communications – Catherine Glossop 
  • Chief Finance Officer – Nigel Manvell 
  • Chief Digital Information Officer (shared role with East Sussex County Council and Surrey County Council) – Matt Scott 

Health and Adult Social Care Directorate 

Includes public health for the city, adult safeguarding and adult social care commissioning and provision, registration and bereavement services.

Executive Director for Health and Adult Social Care – Rob Persey  

  • Director of Public Health – Alistair Hill  
  • Assistant Director of Commissioning and Partnerships – Andy Witham   
  • Assistant Director of Operations – Steve Hook  
  • Assistant Director of Resources, Safeguarding and Performance – Michelle Jenkins  
  • Head of Life Events – Paul Holloway 

Housing, Neighbourhoods and Communities Directorate 

Includes housing services and community services such as environmental health, licensing, libraries, community safety, and supporting community development, equality and inclusion.  

Executive Director for Housing, Neighbourhoods and Communities – Rachel Sharpe 

  • Assistant Director for Housing Management – Martin Reid 
  • Assistant Director for Housing Needs and Supply – Paul Cooper 
  • Head of Communities, Equality and Third Sector – Emma McDermott 
  • Head of Library Services – Ceris Howard
  • Head of Safer Communities – Jo Player 

Senior officer's pay

Go to our financial information page for details of senior council officer's pay.