Workforce Race Equality Standards Action Plan July 2022 (WRES)

About our Workforce Race Equality Standard (WRES) Action Plan.

Why we're part of the Social Care WRES

We're part of the Social Care WRES because we've committed to put change into practice. We know we need to change how we work with children, families, adults and communities in our city.

We want to improve:

  • the support we offer to our staff from Black and minoritised communities
  • our practice with communities, families and individuals who experience racism

The WRES gives us the opportunity to measure our commitment to anti-racist practice. It also allows us to work with children’s services, adult’s services, and other local authorities. It allows us to collect and analyse data about the experiences of our staff. We can then break this down by how staff identify themselves. 

We've already learnt that just collecting data on race and equality will not bring real change. We need ways to measure what is different and turn this into action. The WRES will make sure we hold ourselves accountable so we can make a real difference to our staff and citizens. 

Read our WRES Action Plan, July 2022.

You can find more information in our blog WRES stories - time for a change in practice.