Current council budget

2016/17 budget

An increase of 3.99% in the Brighton & Hove element of the Council Tax was agreed at the budget council meeting on Thursday 25 February. This includes an additional 2% precept to fund the increasing demands and cost of adult social care.

Find out more about the cost of our services and where the money comes from or download our 2016/17 budget summary (PDF 246KB) for information about the cost of our services, where the money comes from and Council Tax rates. You can also view our 2016/17 expenditure and capital shown in table format (PDF 61KB)

You can also view or download the council's four year financial efficiency plan 2016-20 (PDF 291KB).

For more information about council finances, you can also explore our finance open data section.

2016/17 budget video

Read a transcript of our 2016/17 budget video (PDF 78KB)

It costs £2.1 million every day to provide our services

Daily cost of our services graphic 2015/16

Approximately half the spend for libraries, museums, culture and tourism is generated through earned-income.

2015/16 budget

The council’s spending plans for 2015/16 were voted on and agreed at the budget council meeting on 3 March 2015. Download our 2015/16 budget summary (PDF 233kb) for information about the cost of services, where the money came from and 2015/16 Council Tax rates. You can also view our 2015/16 expenditure and capital shown in table format (PDF 62kb)

Budget book 2015/16

The 2015/16 budget book shows how much the council budgeted to spend on delivering services to residents, including council tenants, and service users in 2015/16. This includes both revenue spending and the capital investment programme. Revenue budget summaries are included for each of the council’s services, taking into account the demographic changes, other service pressures and savings that are required to deliver a balanced and affordable budget.

Revenue spending and our capital investment programme are also included. The revenue budget summaries for each of our services take into account changes in the city's population alongside other service pressures and the savings needed to deliver a balanced and affordable budget.

The Budget Book includes detailed information about both the service pressure funding (investments) of £6.4m and savings proposals relating to each service area, totalling £18.8m, which reflect the service budget strategies approved by Full Council on 3 March 2015.

You can also see our video about the 2014/15 council budget, with information about where the money comes from, what it's spent on and how our budget will be changing in the future.

Medium term financial strategy

The council's Medium Term Financial Strategy (MTFS) (PDF 195kb) forecasts income and expenditure across both revenue and capital budgets. The document complements a new Corporate Plan that will set out the council's priorities.

The medium term financial strategy sets out the significant financial challenge faced by the council. Savings of over £77 million are forecast to be needed over the over the next four years.

Budgets for previous years

You can view online or download the budget and charts detailing funding and services provided for 2003 to 2014/15: