Following the fantastic response we have had from our levy transfer process to date, we have currently exhausted our funds for 2020-2021. We are unable to accept any applications until further notice.

We can support employers in the city to take on new apprentices and develop the skills of existing employees. We do this by transferring apprenticeship levy funds that we’re not using.

Who can apply for funding

To apply for levy transfer funds you must be one of the following:

  • business or organisation in Brighton & Hove
  • voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) in Brighton & Hove
  • Brighton & Hove school that doesn't pay into the council's apprenticeship levy

You must also:

Apply for levy transfer funds

You can apply for levy transfer funding before recruiting your apprentice. We will not transfer the funds until you know who your apprentice will be. 

The training provider also needs to confirm they’ll accept the apprentice before we transfer the funds.

We'll contact you within 2 weeks of the deadline to let you know the outcome of your application.

If there is not enough funds to cover all the applications that meet the selection criteria, we'll decide who's the best fit. We'll base this on the strategic priority aims and how much the applicant is asking for.

If you have any questions, send an email to or phone 01273 291 281.

What you'll need to apply

To apply, you'll need:

  • the name, level and duration of the apprenticeship course
  • the cost of training and assessing your apprentice
  • details of the training provider
  • details of which strategic priority aims the apprenticeship will meet
  • an idea of long-term plans for your apprentice once they finish their apprenticeship

Strategic priority aims

To gain maximum benefit from the funds, we’ll prioritise applications using the strategic aims of the City Employment and Skills Plan.

  • Priority 1 - a non-levy payer who tried to reserve funding with the government but was unsuccessful
  • Priority 2 - organisations creating apprenticeship opportunities for disadvantaged groups who live in Brighton & Hove, for example care leavers, disabled people and long-term unemployed
  • Priority 3 - organisations offering an apprenticeship that provides a career change at any stage to earn and learn 
  • Priority 4 - organisations creating apprenticeship opportunities in key employment sectors of the city that are driving growth like creative, digital and information technology and health and social care