BLUEPRINT to a greener future 

As a city we have made a pledge to cut carbon and contribute actively and positively to becoming carbon neutral by 2030. Moving away from a ‘throw-away society’ to one that minimises waste and pollution is known as a circular economy. 

A circular economy keeps products and materials in use for as long as possible and supports the protection of natural resources. We worked with partners as part of a bigger BLUEPRINT project, towards becoming a circular economy with better outcomes for the planet and the population. 

Circular Economy Champions 

As part of the BLUEPRINT project, we built a network of volunteer Circular Economy Champions. They helped Brighton & Hove residents reduce waste, recycle more, and become more circular. 

We created toolkits for our Circular Economy Champions on the following topics: 

Our Circular Economy Champions played an important part in inspiring their communities to change consumption and waste reduction behaviours. By getting involved, the volunteers: 

  • shared information with neighbours on how they can reduce and reuse before recycling 
  • encouraged change within their personal network 
  • collected ‘pledges’ on our pledge form to help motivate people into action 
  • became part of a network of like-minded people 

The BLUEPRINT to a Circular Economy Project had a total budget of 5.6 million euros, 3.8 million of which were provided by the European Regional Development Fund via the Interreg France (Channel) England programme. 

For more information on the BLUEPRINT project, go to the BLUEPRINT website