Volunteer with the Tidy Up Team

Tidy Up Team is a project supported by the council that carries out environmental improvement tasks around the city.

What the Tidy Up Team does

Unloved and uncared for areas of our city impact the health and well-being of residents and visitors.

We can make simple and achievable changes to public spaces by working with volunteers, communities, organisations, businesses and schools. We can improve areas and reduce the well-being issues caused by litter, graffiti, overgrown vegetation and other problems.

We can create a sense of civic pride which can reduce problems like littering and graffiti. It also taps into a desire to live in clean and attractive places and contribute to making our spaces better.

A before and after photo of work done by the Tidy Up Team

Join the Tidy Up Team

To become a Tidy Up Team member you have to go to a short training and induction session. The training tells you how the scheme works and covers health and safety information.

You'll receive the Tidy Up Team kit which includes:

  • a litter pick stick
  • rubbish bags
  • a bag hoop
  • a hi-vis vest
  • a first aid kit
  • gloves
  • hand cleanser
  • cleansing wipes

Tidy Up Team members are covered by the council's liability insurance. They can carry out clean-up activities in all public spaces across the city within the bounds of the training given.

We hope that members will be able to complete at least 15 minutes of clean-up activities each week once trained. We encourage members to do as much as they're able to.

After each litter-picking session, we ask members to complete a simple online form to help with future litter strategies for green spaces.

We ask that you have a mobile phone with you while carrying out Tidy Up Team tasks and that you wear appropriate clothing and footwear.

If you're interested in getting involved with the Tidy Up Team complete the volunteer for the Tidy Up Team form and we'll contact you with more information.


Tools are made available to Tidy Up Team members in superbins and toolchests across the city. 

Superbin locations 

Superbins are located in these areas:

  • Preston Park – just south of Chalet Cafe 
  • Wild Park – at the main entrance at Lewes Road 
  • Woodingdean Central – on the corner of Kipling Avenue and Rudyard Road 
  • Sheepcote Valley – at the car park on Warren Road 
  • Brunswick Square – at the north end of Brunswick Square 
  • St Ann’s Well Gardens – next to the toilets 
  • Queens Park – at the corner of South Avenue and East Drive 

Toolchest locations 

Toolchests are located in these areas:

  • Shelter Hall – at the pedestrian tunnel entrance 
  • Bedford Square – at the south end by the communal bins 
  • Barn Rise – outside the community centre 
  • Hove Station – outside Hove Station Cafe 
  • Wish Park – at the gardener's yard  
  • Fiveways – at the recycling point 
  • Mighell Street – outside the Amex building
  • East Brighton Park - opposite cafe entrance

If you have any questions: