Pre-employment and work experience

Find out more about the pre-employment and work experience opportunites we offer at the council.

We have moved away from individual requests for work experience. This is part of our effort to create a fairer, more inclusive, and transparent process.

Work Experience (WEX) placements

We're offering WEX placements for students whose courses are:

  • based in Brighton & Hove
  • a related educational or vocational pathway and;
  • requiring an industry-based work experience placement

We promote new placements to all Brighton & Hove schools, colleges, post-16 training providers, and HE institutions. We send the application links to everybody at the same time. They then send the application link to their students on relevant programmes.

To apply for any WEX placement, you need to register for an account on our Recruitment Hub.

We tailor the shortlisting process for each placement. Shortlisting is a safe, supportive, and anonymous process. We don't give any one organisation an advantage.

Virtual work experience

We've partnered with Springpod to offer online virtual work experience. The programmes are for residents aged 14 and over. You can gain practical knowledge, skills, and insights to start your career.
Both programmes are available on demand, and open until December 2024. There are limited licenses so each course is first come, first served. 

Your City, Your Future - Careers at Brighton & Hove City Council 

This programme will give you an idea of all the roles and pathways we have at the council. You can join in activities, test what you know, and talk to experts in live webinars. 

Find out more and apply for the Your City, Your Future - Careers at Brighton & Hove City Council programme.

Social Care in Brighton & Hove City Council

This programme introduces you to different jobs in social care, and the core aspects and responsibilities. It explores direct care roles and supporting careers. You can take part in quizzes and activities, and talk to industry experts.

Find out more and apply for Social Care in Brighton & Hove City Council programme.

Further information

We're always aiming to provide more pre-employment opportunities at the council. We keep our guidance under review and more schemes are in development for the 2023 to 2024 academic year.

For more information send an email to