Guidance for professionals on parenting courses

Information on what courses are available and how to refer parents.

For parents with multiple parenting issues

Triple P full groups

8 week course for:

  • Primary - under 10
  • Tween 9 to 13
  • Teen - over 13

Day or evening availability – this varies each term. 

We hold regular sessions through the Learning Gateway to tell workers about content of the course so that you can support your families. 

The next session is on 7 December 2022.

To book a place search for ‘Positive Parenting - An Introduction to the Parenting Team’ in Learning Gateway. 

You can also find:

  • Arabic language groups for both primary and teenage age
  • Stepping Stones - group for parents of children with SEN

Support for families involved in social care

We offer support to families involved in social care or early help services or if you are experiencing financial hardship.

To find out if you're eligible for support, send an email to

One to One service  

This course is with a practitioner – referrals can only be considered for parents with additional needs such as severe mental health issues or language barrier. 

Separated parents 

Family Transitions (Separated Parents group)  

Both parents attend different groups at the same time so both parents get the same information at the same time.  These usually run on a Tuesday evening and a Thursday morning – let us know which parents would like which group on internal referral. 

Parents in conflict 

For parents with minor conflict, such as they cannot agree on basic rules and boundaries.

We offer Partner support – 3 sessions with a practitioner (as a couple) focusing on an issue and working as a team to achieve 

Parents with major conflict 

Parents as Partners – A 16 week course (weekly, in the evening). This intensive intervention looks more deeply into conflict resolution.  

Send an email to for more information.

Information to help you make a referral 

Appropriate referrals  

Triple P full groups 

Children must be over 2 years old for the course to be beneficial for parents.

Consider not referring if a child is about to go into proceedings. Consider the impact for the parent of making a referral at this point - they often have lots of extra meetings to attend.

Parents need have regular contact - 2 hours minimum per week or equivalent.

Family Transitions (Separated parents group) 

Do not refer if there is a recent history of Domestic Abuse/violence – contact us if you are unsure. 

Supporting engagement 

To support engagement, you should:

  • discuss fully the programme with parents and any questions they may have. Be positive about the intervention. Present it to parents that they will really benefit from it
  • check that they have responded to e-mails and letters to get on a course. Respond back to parenting workers if more queries are raised. This can be helpful for the parents to see we are effectively working together 
  • show an interest in what they are learning and ask them how they are putting it into practice and observe this when they visit 
  • not hold any meetings on days/time the parents are attending the course/session 
  • help parents sort out childcare if required so they can attend 
  • talk to parents about what goals they might like to work on in the programme, and what this may look like if they meet these goals 

How to refer 

Use the internal referral process on Eclipse or contact us via FDFF to make a referral for:

  • Triple P group
  • Partner Support
  • Family Transitions (separated parents group)  

If you have any questions, send an email to

To make a referral for Parents as Partners, contact Parental conflict co-ordinator.

Send an email to

More information

Get more parenting tips and information on our Parenting support page

If you are a professional and would like to refer to our service go to our Guidance for professionals on parenting courses page.