Childcare in the city

The Childcare Act 2006 requires every local authority in England to secure sufficient childcare to enable parents to work, or undertake education or training leading to work. Childcare must be sufficient, as far as is reasonably practicable, to meet the needs of parents with children up to age 14 years (or up to age 17 years old for disabled children).

Local authorities are required to report annually to elected council members on how they are meeting their duty to secure sufficient childcare in accordance with Section 6 of the Childcare Act 2006 (as amended), and make this report available and accessible to parents.

Here is Brighton and Hove's Childcare Sufficiency Assessment 2018 [PDF1.52MB] 

CSA Appendix 1 Parent Survey [PDF77KB]

CSA Appendix 2 Parent Survey Postcard [PDF245KB]

CSA Appendix 3 List of Community Groups for Parent Survey [PDF64KB]

CSA Apprendix 4 Parent Survey Data Tables [PDF579KB]

CSA Appendix 5 Provider Data Tables [PDF343KB]

Early Years Strategy

Our early years strategy for 2017 to 2019 details how Brighton & Hove is meeting its duty to improve outcomes for all young children, reduce inequalities and ensure that there is sufficient, high-quality early years provision and childcare for parents. The strategy sets priorities for the future, focussing on the most disadvantaged children and families. It contributes to the council’s ambition that children and young people have the best possible start in life, growing up happy, healthy and safe with the opportunity to reach their potential.

A steering group will oversee its implementation

Here is Brighton and Hove's Early Years Strategy 2017/2019 [264mb]