Young people's substance use and sexual health service

Part of Brighton & Hove's Adolescent Health Service, ru-ok? works with people under 18 to offer:

  • free confidential advice, guidance, support and information on drugs, alcohol and sexual health for under 18s, their parents / carers or concerned others
  • preventative work, providing education and advice on sexual health and substances, delivered in schools or the community on an individual or group work basis
  • school and studio-based music activities provided by Audio Active peer mentors to give young people  a new focus and passion

We work with all residents of Brighton & Hove, or those who go to local schools or colleges, who want our help.  

We accept referrals over the phone, from those dropping in or through our referral form. We accept referrals from anyone, including parents / carers and professionals. If the young person has not given consent, we can provide advice and guidance to those who may be concerned about a young person.

Get help for you or someone else

"I could talk to them and they listened"
- 15 year old
"I would definitely recommend them. They’re friendly and they won’t judge you."
- 17 year old

Watch our videos

Find out about what we do in these videos from our team.