Councillors recommend adoption of City Plan Part 2

At its meeting on 15 September the Tourism, Equalities, Communities & Culture (TECC) Committee voted to recommend that the council adopt the City Plan Part Two as part of the city’s development plan.

Strategic planning framework to 2030

City Plan Part One was adopted in 2016 and sets out the strategic planning framework for Brighton & Hove to 2030. That includes targets for new housing and employment, and where new strategic development should go.

City Plan Part 2 provides additional policies for managing new development and further site allocations to help deliver much needed new homes and high-quality development. 

Government inspector's report

The plan was informed by four stages of public consultation and submitted to the Secretary of State in May 2021. A government inspector was then appointed to examine the plan and a series of public hearings were held as part of that process. 

The inspector published her report in July of this year, concluding that, with some recommended changes, it satisfies all legal requirements, complies with national planning policy and provides an appropriate basis for the planning of the city. 

Local planning policies

We can now make no further changes to the plan but must agree to either accept it as it stands, with the inspectors recommended changes, or reject it at a full council meeting on October 20.

If the plan is not adopted the city will not have its own local planning policies in place to make planning decisions. Instead, we would need to rely on the national policies. 

Guidance for local communities and the development industry

If councillors vote to adopt the plan, it would come into force to guide decision making immediately. This would give certainty and confidence to local communities and the development industry.

You can see more information about City Plan Part 2 on our website.