Actions to reduce, re-use and recycle

One of the ways to protect resources, save money and be kinder to the planet is by making changes to how we consume things and reduce waste. 

Cutting the amount of waste we throw away, together with re-using or recycling what we already have means

  • Less waste ending up in nature and the marine environment
  • Reduced need to use raw materials
  • Fewer greenhouse gas emissions

It can also save you money, and supports local businesses offering re-use and repair services.

You can take action in lots of ways - and every action counts. 

Download a pledge form to get started. The pledge forms include examples for small practical actions with textiles, electronics, household recycling and food waste.

Or join Brighton & Hove's Circular Economy Champion scheme and help others  reduce, re-use, repair and keep things in use for longer.

The council has joined nine other partners from England and France to reduce the creation of waste. BLUEPRINT to a Circular Economy, funded by the Interreg France (Channel) England programme, is the first of its kind. It will provide practical solutions for designing out waste and pollution by reusing, repairing and recycling existing resources.

Circular economy principles are based on moving away from the ‘throw-away society’ to one that minimises waste and pollution. It keeps products and materials in use for as long as possible and supports the protection of natural resources.

Discover more about the circular economy in Brighton & Hove.

Brighton & Hove declared a climate and biodiversity emergency in 2018 and has committed to becoming carbon neutral by 2030.

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